1500 Queen Street W.

Toronto, ON M6R 14A

Open everyday 8am to 9pm

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Linking the words Garlic and Leek together, Garleek Kitchen was born and officially opened by Chef Tsering Phuntsok (Karma) in February 2018. 

Because the Chef Tsering's background is Tibetan, he wanted to open the restaurant in Parkdale "Little Tibet," Toronto. However, he wanted to differentiate the restaurant from the others in the neighborhood by serving his favorite dishes from all over Asia - Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Vietnam. 

 The Chef 

Chef Tsering Phuntsok (Karma) has experience in both western and eastern cuisine. Before professionally studying the art of cooking, young Tsering often went to his Grandmother’s place to watch her cook. His passion began by seeing her love of cooking and, when he was old enough, his Grandma taught him her secrets’.


Later in his youth, Tsering joined Thrangu Rinpoche’s monastery. There, he mastered traditional Tibetan cuisine. While in the monastery, Tsering traveled to both Nepal and India, quickly mastering Nepalese and Indian flavors. Then in the early 2000’s, Tsering decided to leave the monastery and move to the United States where he continued to learn his culinary skills. Furthermore, while dating his now wife, Tsering cooked regularly with her first generation Italian family to master Italian pasta and sauces.


Tsering made his final move to Toronto in 2011 where he continued fine tuning his culinary skills and reinventing the flavors from his past. One of his first jobs when he moved to Toronto was making pho at  Hue's Kitchen, a Vietnamese restaurant. He became friends with the owner of this restaurant. Before adding pho to the menu at Garleek Kitchen, requested and received her approval to use her family recipe. 

He opened Garleek Kitchen to share his passion for food from around the world here in Toronto. You will find a unique, yet familiar, flavor in whatever dish you try at Garleek Kitchen.